Salon PPG



We put together our top products for sanitation and
personal protective gear (PPG) to help you reopen your salon safely.


Please note these products are in high demand.
We are continuously replenishing our inventory and adding new items.
We anticipate masks, shields, disposable capes and other PPG to be added May through July. 

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Olivia Garden Clean Bags

Box of 100 self-sealing bags to store disinfected tools & show customers hygiene is important!

key details

Sanitize tools per state board then place in self-sealing plastic bag.  Open bag in front of customer prior to use

Wash cape (or towel), store in CLEAN bag, open in front of customer

For brushes, tools, clips, apparel, towels,…

Single use

Self sealing

100% recyclable

Comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Made in China

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