20 years ago, we began as a salon focused on transforming curls one client at a time. We've always said our salon chair is more than a seat, it's where we connect. No matter where you are on your curly journey, your perfect routine is here. 

Delight - Wavy

Original - Curly

Decadence - Super Curly

Define & Control

Texture & Volume


Curl Boosting Spray Gel

what it does

This lightweight spray gel amplifies and holds texture, plus redefines 2nd-day curls. It's made with a soothing, strengthening blend of sunflower, lemongrass, and wheat and soy proteins.

how to use

  • To say buh-bye to frizz and hello to effortless texture, spritz DevaCurl The Curl Maker onto to wet or dry curls and scrunch in an upward motion.
  • To tame fly-aways, apply where needed and smooth with your hands.

Shine & Finish

Refresh & Extend


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