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Experience a whole new dimension of fully customizable lightening possibilities for perfect, creative results that will delight your clients. 

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SilkLift Zero Ammonia - 6 levels of lift

SilkLift Ammonia Free high-performance lightener provides up to 6 levels of lift.

what it does

Type of Hair:

Fine or stressed hair.

When Would You Use:

» Highlights
» Regrowth touch-up
» Bleach wash
» Freehand techniques

how to use

How To Mix:

  • +  35 ml SilkLift Conditioning Cream Developer

  • +  25 gr (1 scoop) SilkLift Zero Ammonia

  • +  3 pumps of SilkLift 2in1 Serum

What Result To Expect:

Clear / blonde result

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