20 years ago, we began as a salon focused on transforming curls one client at a time. We've always said our salon chair is more than a seat, it's where we connect. No matter where you are on your curly journey, your perfect routine is here. 

SUPER CURLY Summer Liter Kit

If your hair craves a lot of extra moisture with softness and frizz control, then this is the kit for you!


Provides the essentials for beautiful, natural super curly hair:

  • No-Poo Decadence® 32 oz: Ultra-rich formula gently cleanses without stripping away the natural oils your curls need while also providing maximum moisture and nourishment for a beautiful finish.
  • One Condition Decadence® 32oz and 12oz: Rich, creamy conditioner takes hydration to the next level for silky-soft curls that are easy to detangle and style.


  • Work a liberal amount of No-Poo® Decadence vigorously throughout your scalp and gently through the ends of your hair. Continue with vigorous motion on your scalp to rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply One Condition Decadence to wet hair. Use your fingers to gently detangle, gliding through the ends to thoroughly moisturize. Rinse as needed.

Delight - Wavy

Original - Curly

Decadence - Super Curly

Define & Control

Texture & Volume

Shine & Finish

Refresh & Extend


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