hey there, we’re amika
a friend to hair, hairstylists, to her, him, you & them

+ all hair is welcome, 10 collections for every hair concern–no matter ethnicity, age or gender
+ always cruelty-free, we have never & will never conduct animal testing​
+ going greener, reducing waste + switching bottles to 90% PCR​
+ cleaner ingredients, always without sulfatesparabensaluminum starchphthalates + DEA 
& a friend to all: we’re here for you, every one of you beautiful beings





amika Logo Block

The amika Logo Block is an all-purpose branding prop made of edge-glow acrylic and a polished wood base.
• the unique design is a great attention grabber for stylist areas, windows and at reception
• identifies the select space where amika products are sold within a larger wall run
• create additional impressions throughout the space with this unique visual prop

21.5" l x 18" w x 8" h

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