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amika The Mastermind

Valera x amika Dryer

what it does

We’ve teamed up with world-renowned, Swiss dryer maker Valera, to build the ultimate drying machine.

Meet the Mastermind – a sleek, fierce, super-quiet dryer that works supersonic fast. Thanks to one patented technology and one patent-pending technology, this high-performance dryer allows for maximum styling creativity. It’s no noise, all action—so you can style to your own soundtrack.

  • 1875 Watts of Power - blast hair into dryness.
  • Smart Airflow Technology - optimizes airflow and reduces dispersion, for maximum performance.
  • 6 Temperature and Speed Settings - let you control the heat and flow as you go.
  • Voltage: 125V

how to use

For the perfect blowout, spray Bombshell Blowout Spray evenly throughout hair and blow dry using the amika Ceramic Round Brush of your choice!

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