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+ all hair is welcome, 10 collections for every hair concern–no matter ethnicity, age or gender
+ always cruelty-free, we have never & will never conduct animal testing​
+ going greener, reducing waste + switching bottles to 90% PCR​
+ cleaner ingredients, always without sulfatesparabensaluminum starchphthalates + DEA & a friend to all: we’re here for you, every one of you beautiful beings 
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amika: on lock

amika: tool sale

amika: salon cape

amika: the wizard detangling primer refill

amika: mix & match

amika: shower cap

amika: normcore signature shampoo

amika: normcore signature conditioner

amika: soulfood nourishing mask

amika: glass action universal elixer

amika: blockade heat defense serum

amika: the wizard detangling primer

amika: perk up dry shampoo

amika: 001 hair fragrance

amika: supernova moisture & shine cream

amika: the wizard silicone-free

amika: perk up plus extended

amika: HairToStay soulfood mask

amika: normcore refillable pouches

amika: hydro rush intense moisture shampoo

amika: hydro rush intense moisture conditioner

amika: hydro rush intense moisture leave-in conditioner

amika: dream routine overnight hydration treatment

amika: water sign hair oil

amika: bust your brass cool blonde repair shampoo

amika: bust your brass cool blonde repair conditioner

amika: bust your brass cool blonde intense repair mask

amika: supernova blonde moisture + shine cream

amika: bust your brass refillable pouches

amika: the kure bond repair shampoo

amika: the kure bond repair conditioner

amika: the kure multi-task repair treatment

amika: the closer instant repair cream

amika: the kure intense bond repair mask

amika: the kure bond repair refillable pouches

amika: phantom hydrating dry shampoo foam

amika: reset clarifying gel shampoo

amika: reset cooling gel conditioner

amika: reset pink charcoal scalp cleansing oil

amika: reset exfoliating jelly shampoo

amika: vault color-lock shampoo

amika: vault color-lock conditioner

amika: fadeblock pre-shampoo color seal

amika: vault color-lock leave-in conditioner

amika: flash instant shine mask

amika: top gloss shine spray

amika: mixtape toning drops - violet

amika: mixtape toning drops - teal

amika: mixtape toning drops - gold

amika: 3D volume & thickening shampoo

amika: 3D volume & thickening conditioner

amika: brooklyn bombshell blowout spray

amika: plus size perfect body mousse

amika: thicc volumizing base

amika: 3D daily thickening treatment

amika: 3D volume + thickening refillable pouches

amika: velveteen dream smoothing shampoo

amika: velveteen dream smoothing conditoner

amika: the shield anti-humidity spray

amika: velveteen dream smoothing balm

amika: curl corps defining cream

amika: curl corps enhancing gel

amika: power hour curl refresh spray

amika: sexture beach-look shampoo

amika: un.done volume & matte texture spray

amika: fluxus touchable hairspray

amika: headstrong intense hold hairspray

amika: alpha 360 dryer

amika: the CEO 360 dryer

amika: blowout babe

amika: the chameleon

amika: the autopilot 3-in-1 rotating curler

amika: high tide deep waver

amika: the confidante

amika: the conductor high precision germanium styler

amika: illuminati nano diamond styler

amika: iRed polished perfection 2.0

amika: double agent

amika: hair 2.0 blow dryer brush

amika: high tide jumbo deep waver

amika: try me kit

amika: signature duffle bag

amika: tote bag

amika: premium tote bag - Large

amika: premium tote bag - Small

amika: shower cap

amika : liter pump

amika: mask pump

amika: salon cape

amika: stair display

amika: client retail loyalty cards

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