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Surface Bassu Moisture Conditioner

WHO IS IT FOR? Normal to dry brittle hair.

Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner, providing moisture to the hair from inside - out.

what it does

 Instantly provides weightless, long lasting moisture to dry brittle hair. Increases the ability of hair to retain moisture. Conditions and provides shine to the hair.

PROBLEM IT SOLVES? Until now: moisturizing shampoos and conditioners work on the top of the hair causing weight & little long term moisture. Free Radicals compromise moisture and the hair’s ability to retain moisture

how to use

During the shampoo process and following, Moringa provides continuous elimination of free radicals which compromise moisture and the hairs ability to retain moisture. Babassu oil delivers Moringa deep into the hair where free radicals are eliminated and the hair is weightlessly moisturized from cuticle to cortex. Moringa and Babassu Oil instantly moisturize & soothe dry hair.


*Liter pump not included in 33oz size*

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