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High Performance, Salon Exclusive Hair & Skin Care that Respects Personal Health and the Earth. 

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Surface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment System

Includes: Shampoo 10oz - Conditioner 6oz - Scalp Elixir 4oz - Treatment 2oz

what it does

A healthy scalp produces healthy hair. Hair growth begins at the Cellular Generation Zone, as cells develop they move up the follicle ultimately becoming hair fiber. The Cellular Generation Zone must receive the proper nutrients and essential micro-minerals to provide strong vigorous growth. The follicle needs to be healthy and accessible to provide for the maximum fullness as the hair grows.

how to use

  1. Scalp Elixir- Wet scalp then mist scalp with Elixir, massage for one minute. Leave on.
  2. Shampoo - Massage 1st lather one minute and rinse. Apply second lather & rinse.
  3. Conditioner - Massage into scalp for one minute, work through hair, rinse then towel dry. 
  4. Scalp Elixir - Mist scalp, leave on. 
  5. Treatment - Apply drops or stream into thinning areas on scalp and massage in for one minute. Leave on. 

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