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Pure Blonde Lightner

Superior Lightening from Nature. Babassu, Flax Seed, Aloe and Amaranth Botanicals provide antioxidants to reduce free radicals and condition the hair while providing for natural tone on tone lift.

What the product does

Maximes conditionwhile lifting to beautiful shiny tones. Applies white and processes translucent.

How to use it

Wear gloves and use a non-metallic bowl. MIX one part (scoop) Lightening powder with two parts (2oz. or 60ml) Enzyme Cream Activator. 

May be applied Balayage, in foils, and on or off the scalp. PROCESS: lift to desired result. Time varies form 15 to 50 minutes. RINSE well with Bassu Shampoo. CONDITION with Bassu Masque leave on 30 seconds and rinse. Towel dry hair. To REDUCE FUTURE OXIDATION apply and leave in Bassu Oil.


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