Well cared for skin is the key to a youthful appearance and better health. Every day situations like stress, noise, work and family are aging our bodies and souls. LCN Anti-aging products offer salons a new service to those seeking preventative and/or combative measures against the effects of biological and environmental aging. 

LCN Lash & Brow Boost Serum

NEW!! LCN Desert Goddess

LCN Fusion Test Set

LCN Hand & Nail Bath Concentrate

LCN Peeling Cream

LCN Anti-Age Hand Cream

LCN Anti-Age Lifting Concentrate Serum

LCN Anti-Age Overnight Mask

LCN Anti-Age Home Care Set

LCN Foundation Brush

LCN Mask Brush

LCN Studio Skin Expert

LCN Anti-Age Professional Set

LCN Anti-Age Counter Display

LCN Anti-Age Professional Set w/Studio Skin Expert

LCN Logo Hand Towel - White

LCN Handrest - White

LCN Diamond Dust

LCN Gloves - White Cotton

LCN Bonding Basecoat

LCN Cleaner

LCN Super Shine Finish Cleaner

LCN Bonding Connex Silver +

LCN Fiber Tech Gel - Clear

LCN Fiber Tech Gel - Milky Pink

LCN Cosmiq OCRF - Clear

LCN Bio Glass Gel

LCN Natural Nail Boost Gel

LCN Sealant In A Bottle

LCN Extreme Gloss & Go

LCN Extreme Gloss & Go - Glimmer

LCN FM Pearl White F

LCN Colour Gel - EW Extra White

LCN Barefoot

LCN Wilde PediSeal - Clear

LCN Mykosept Dropper

LCN Mykosept Spray

LCN Protech 1 Gel Brush - Cats Tongue

LCN Protech 2 Gel Brush - Pointed

LCN Protech 3 Gel Brush - Flat Size

LCN Protech Gel Brush Set

LCN Exchangeable Files 100

LCN Exchangeable Files 180

LCN Exchangeable Files 240

LCN Exchangeable File Handle

LCN Exchangeable Combo Files

LCN LED & UV Light

LCN LED Perfect Curve Light

LCN Stiletto Forms Roll

LCN Dual Form Tip Box

LCN Citrus Foot Peeling

LCN Citrus Foot Cream

LCN Citrus Foot Mask

LCN Citrus Foot Bath Crystals

LCN Citrus Fresh Up Spray

LCN Lemon Soap

LCN Red Wine Leaf Foot Bath

LCN Red Wine Leaf Foot Peeling

LCN Red Wine Leaf Foot Cream

LCN Red Wine Leaf Leg Gel

LCN Red Wine Leaf Leg Splash

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