Kerasilk is a revolutionary luxury hair care line that delivers long-lasting hair transformations providing beauty, strength, and protection. Discover Kerasilk to bring your and your client's aspirations to life. 

Repower Volume Shampoo

Repower Volume Foam Conditioner

Repower Dry Shampoo

Repower Volume Blow-Dry Spray

Repower Volume Plumping Cream

Repower Intensive Volume Treatment

Repower Volume Intensive Post Treatment

Repower Hair Perfume

Kerasilk Reconstruct Shampoo

Kerasilk Reconstruct Conditioner

Kerasilk Reconstruct Intensive Repair Mask

Kerasilk Reconstruct Blow Dry Spray

Kerasilk Reconstruct Restorative Balm

Kerasilk Reconstruct Split Ends Recovery Concentrate

Kerasilk Reconstruct Intensive Pre-Treatment

Kerasilk Reconstruct Intensive Repair Treatment

Kerasilk Reconstruct Hair Perfume

Kerasilk Color Shampoo

Kerasilk Color Conditioner

Kerasilk Color Cleansing Conditioner

Kerasilk Color Intensive Luster Mask

Kerasilk Color Dry Shampoo

Kerasilk Color Protective Blow Dry Spray

Kerasilk Color Finishing Cream Serum

Kerasilk Color Structure Balancing Treatment

Kerasilk Color Perfector

Kerasilk Color Creator

Kerasilk Color Hair Perfume

Kerasilk Control Shampoo

Kerasilk Control Conditioner

Kerasilk Control Intense Smoothing Mask

Kerasilk Control Smoothing Fluid

Kerasilk Control Rich Protective Oil

Kerasilk Control Humidity Barrier Spray

Kerasilk Control Hair Perfume

Kerasilk Control De-Frizz Primer

Smoothing Sleek Spray

Accentuating Finish Creme

Enhancing Curl Creme

Forming Shape Spray

Texturizing Finish Spray

Fixing Effect Hairspray

Bodifying Volume Mousse

Kerasilk Control Purifying Shampoo

Kerasilk Control Smooth (Medium)

Kerasilk Control Smooth (Intense)

Kerasilk Control Shape (Medium)

Kerasilk Control Shape (Intense)

Kerasilk Control Finishing Serum

Kerasilk Control De-Frizz Smooth

Kerasilk Control De-Frizz Tame

Kerasilk Applicator Brush

kerasilk Salon Turban

kerasilk Retail Bags

Kerasilk Salon Kimono Cape

Kerasilk Mixing Bowl

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