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A leading marketer of beauty essentials in the professional beauty industry, with an emphasis on cutlery, salon apparel, combs, brushes, and other salon tools. Fromm products are instrumental to hair stylists in making their clients look beautiful. True to this goal, Fromm’s mission statement is Finding Better Ways to Create Beauty.

FROMM Matte Finish Bobby Pins

FROMM Pro Volume Ceramic Self-Grip Rollers

Feather Razor

Feather Styling Replacement Blades

Feather Styling Razor Texturizer Blades

JaTAI Blade Glide Plus

FROMM Defy Shear 5.75"

FROMM Dare 1-Piece Shear 5.75"

FROMM Dare Shear 5.75"

FROMM Invent Shear 5.75"

FROMM Invent Barber Shear 7.25"

FROMM Invent Thinner 5.75"

FROMM Transform 5.75" 28-Tooth Thinner

FROMM Transform Left-Handed Shear 5.75"

FROMM Transform 5.25" & 5.75" Shear

FROMM Explore Shear 5.75"

1907 Copper Brush

1907 The Hot Paddle

1907 The Glosser

1907 Boar 2.75" Brush

FROMM Elite Paddle Brush

FROMM Elite Flex Vent Brush

FROMM Elite Round Brush

1907 Gold Coast Shear

1907 Rogers Park

1907 Uptown

1907 Wicker Park

1907 Rogers Thinner

1907 Brickyard Folding Razor

1907 Replacement Blades

1907 Shear Case

1907 Zero Air Dryer

FROMM All Purpose Cape - Black

FROMM Premium Gunmetal Shampoo Cape

FROMM Premium Denim Stylist Apron

FROMM Premium Denim Barber Cape

FROMM Hairstyling Cape - Black

FROMM Premium Gunmetal Cover Up

FROMM Premium Chemical Apron - Black

FROMM Hairstyling Cape - Gunmetal

FROMM Color Whisk & Spatula

FROMM Color Bowl Set

FROMM Color Measure Cup

FROMM Color Bottle

FROMM Color Studio Vinyl Gloves - Black

FROMM Color Studio Reuseable Gloves - Black

FROMM Pop Up Foil

FROMM Bobby Pins

FROMM Pro Glide Comb #755

FROMM Pro Ceramic Roller - .75" Blue

FROMM Pro Ceramic Roller - 1" Grey

FROMM Pro Ceramic Roller - 1.25" Blue

FROMM Pro Ceramic Roller - 1.75" Black

FROMM Pro Ceramic Roller - 1.5" Grey

FROMM Pro Ceramic Roller - 2" Blue

FROMM Pro Ceramic Roller - 2.5" Grey

FROMM Pro Ceramic Roller - 3" Black

FROMM Mannikin - Freida

FROMM Mannikin Head - Charlize

FROMM Mannikin - Penelope

FROMM Mannikin - David

BURMAX Mannikin Head Male - Dylan with Beard

BURMAX Mannikin - Catherine

HAIRART Mannikin - Olivia

HAIRART Mannikin - Debra

HAIRART Mannikin - Emily

PIVOT POINT Mannikin - Erika

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