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The world’s first and only Pediceutical® mousse foot care line – made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Scientifically formulated, unique groundbreaking Dermal Infusion Technology® enables active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into troubled skin of the feet. With results seen in a mere few days, from curing simple dryness to addressing more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes,
Footlogix has been clinically proven to perform. 

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Footlogix Digital Brochure , 10 Step Professional Foot Care Service,
At Home Callus Softener and File Guide



Fottlogix - 8 Piece Professional Kit

Footlogix: The Ultimate At Home Kit

Footlogix Daily Defense #1

Footlogix Daily Maintenance #2

Footlogix Very Dry #3

Footlogix Cracked Heel #3+

Footlogix Cold Feet #4

Footlogix Sweaty Feet #5

Footlogix Peeling Skin #7

Footlogix Peeling Skin #7 Spiraleen

Footlogix Rough Skin #7+

Footlogix Rough Skin #7+ Spiraleen

Footlogix Toe Tincture #7T

Footlogix Nail Tincture Spray #7T Spiraleen

Footlogix Tired Leg #8

Footlogix Foot Deodorant #9

Footlgoix Shoe Deodorant #10

Footlogix Cuticle Softener #11

Footlogix Cuticle Conditioner #12

Footlogix Foot Soak #13

Footlogix Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub #15

Footlogx Retail Callus Softener #18

Footlogix Callus Softener #18

Footlogix Massage #19

Footlogix Double-Sided Soft Touch File

Footlogix Professional Stainless Steel File

Footlogix Counter Display

Footlogix Cleansing Wipe

Footlogix Precision Implement Kit

Footlogix Excavator Round Edge Tool

Footlogix Purple Suede Bag

Footlogix Plush Pedi Slipper

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