Diane Accessories

Diane's full range of essential beauty products have been a staple in the industry for decades. Everything from towels and gloves for the salon, to French hair pins and iconic bobby pins for the perfect updo, Diane has it all to get the hottest looks in beauty.

Diane Twist Flex Rods

Diane Cold Wave Rods

Diane Colorsafe Towels

Diane Softees Towels

Diane Tear Drop Mirror

Diane Aluminum Water Bottle

Diane Continuous Water Bottle

Diane Gator Clips

Diane Duck Bill Clips

Diane Large Control Clips

Diane Clamps 4" Wave

Diane Aluminum Clips

Diane Soft Touch Section Clips

Diane Double Prong Clips

Diane Butterfly Clips

Diane Jumbo Bobby Pins

Diane Elastic Bands Clear

Diane Steel Lift & Comb

Diane Steel Pin Tail Comb

Diane Styling Comb

Diane Bone Comb

Diane 9 3/4 " Extra Long Pin Tail Comb

Diane Digital Timer

Diane Good Times Timer

Diane Tube Squeezer

Diane Tint Board

Diane Processing Caps

Diane Color Whisk Assorted Colors

Diane Tint Bowl

Diane Pro Shaker

Diane Tint Brush & Comb

Diane Tint Brush

Diane Large Tint Brush

Diane Color Brush - Large

Diane 100/100 Cushion File

Diane 100/180 Cushion - Gold

Diane 80/180 Cushion - Blue

Diane 80/80 Cushion - Black

Diane 100/180 Oreo File - Black

Diane 180/240 Oreo File - Pink

Diane 80/100/180/240 - Blue/Pink

Diane 100/180 Cushion - Black

Diane 240/240 Cushion - Black

Diane 80/100 Cushion - Black

Diane 80/180 Oreo File- Blue

Diane 80/100/180/240 - Black

Diane 80/80 Emery Garnet

Diane 100/180 Emery Gold

Diane 320/700/300 buffer grey/white

Diane 100/180 File - Black

Diane 100/180 Square - Black

Diane 100/180 Emery Board

Diane 4-in-1 Shine Block

Diane Polar File Block

Diane Manicure Orangewood Sticks

Diane Stainless Steel Razor

Diane Black Razor

Lord Half Razor Blades

Dorco Razor Blades

FROMM #109 Blades

Jaguar JTI Razor

Jaguar Replacement Blades JTI

Diane Cooling Facial Roller

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