Control Corrective

Control Corrective – Delivers clinical skincare results in a practical and accessible way, whether you have cystic acne, dark spots, rosacea/sensitive or mature skin. All formulas have been tested for efficacy, and the active ingredients are extensively researched for true potency and results. An important aspect to Control Corrective products is quality, consistency, professionalism and completely paraben-free.  

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Control Corrective Power Tools Peel Sampler Kit

Includes: lactic green tea peel (25%) 1oz, revitalizing cream peel 1oz, dermal flash peel 1oz, beta peel (22%) 1oz, gly peel (33%) 1oz, zipper bag

what it does

Great all in one starter kit of peels, 5 to choose from.

How it works

These "light" skin peels are designed to progressively exfoliate the skin to treat a variety of skin concerns; including fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and dark spots. Provide overall smoothing and revitalize sluggish skin.

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