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THE HEALTHIER THE HAIR THE MORE BEAUTIFUL AND SHINY THE COLOR RESULT WILL BE. Colorance is the first demi-permanent color with IntraLipid Technology that repairs the hair structure.

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Colorance 2A

Colorance 2N

Colorance 3N

Colorance 3NA

Colorance 3VV

Colorance 4BP

Colorance 4G

Colorance 4N

Colorance 4N@KK

Colorance 4NN

Colorance 4R

Colorance 4R@VR

Colorance 4V

Colorance 5B

Colorance 5B@BK

Colorance 5BG

Colorance 5BP

Colorance 5BV

Colorance 5K

Colorance 5MB

Colorance 5N

Colorance 5NA

Colorance 5N@BK

Colorance 5N@BP

Colorance 5NN

Colorance 5N@RR

Colorance 5R

Colorance 5RB

Colorance 5VA

Colorance 5VV

Colorance 6A

Colorance 6B

Colorance 6BP

Colorance 6K

Colorance 6KG

Colorance 6K@KK

Colorance 6KR

Colorance 6N

Colorance 6N@GB

Colorance 6N@KK

Colorance 6NN

Colorance 6N@RV

Colorance 6R

Colorance 6RB

Colorance 6RR@PK

Colorance 6SB

Colorance 6VV

Colorance 6VV@PK

Level 7

Colorance 7AK@PK

Colorance 7RB

Colorance 7B

Colorance 7BG

Colorance 7G

Colorance 7KG

Colorance 7MB

Colorance 7N

Colorance 7N@BK

Colorance 7N@BP

Colorance 7NA

Colorance 7NN

Colorance 7OO@GK

Colorance 7RO

Colorance 7RR

Colorance 7RR@RR

Colorance 8BA

Colorance 8BP

Colorance 8CA

Colorance 8CA@PB

Colorance 8G

Colorance 8GB

Colorance 8K

Colorance 8N

Colorance 8N@BS

Colorance 8N@GK

Colorance 8NN

Colorance 8OR

Colorance 8SB

Colorance 8SB@PK

Colorance 9BA

Colorance 9GB

Colorance 9KG

Colorance 9MB

Colorance 9N

Colorance 9NA

Colorance 10BA

Colorance 10BB

Colorance 10BG

Colorance 10BP

Colorance 10BS

Colorance 10G

Colorance 10N

Colorance 10P

Colorance 10V

Colorance Clear

Colorance 9 Champagne

Colorance 9 Creme

Colorance 9 Silver

Colorance 9 Icy

Colorance 10 Champagne

Colorance 10 Creme

Colorance 10 Silver

Colorance 10 Icy

Colorance KK Mix

Colorance RR Mix

Colorance GG Mix

Colorance VV Mix

Colorance P Mix

Colorance 6 Natural Lowlight

Colorance 7 Natural Lowlight

Colorance 8 Natural Lowlight

Colorance Pastel Indigo

Colorance Pastel Lavender

Colorance Pastel Mint

Colorance Pastel Peach

Colorance Pastel Rose

Colorance @Elumenated Lavender

Colorance @Elumenated Beige Mint

Colorance @Elumenated Rose

Colorance Core Lotion

Colorance Cover Plus Lotion

Colorance Express Toning Lotion

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