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Bodyography, has maintained its impeccable reputation by continuing to use only the finest ingredients, components and high quality pigments to create remarkable and striking cosmetics. The full line of professional cosmetics has been developed to suit any person or occasion, ranging from full service salons to on set make-up artists and the modern day woman. We strive to make Bodyography the only solution to all of your makeup needs, wants and desires.

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Bodyography Make-up Brush Cleanser

what it does

A pleasant way to cleanse and disinfect your artistry brushes made from natural orange peel and gentle cleansers to get the job done and satisfy your senses. 

how to use

Spray directly onto brush hair and gently wipe on a paper towel for cleaning between makeup applications. For a deeper clean spray the brush hairs thoroughly and work it into the bristles, rinse with cool water (bristles only) and lay flat to dry as to not ruin the ferrule or handle of the brush. 

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