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Conair Corporation is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of health and beauty products and kitchen and electronic appliances. Since its founding in 1959, the company has become a leading manufacturer of nationally branded personal and health care.

BaBylissPRO SteelFX Blow Dryer

BaBylissPRO Turbo Xtreme

BaBylissPRO Brava Blow Dryer

BaBylissPRO Volare V1

BaBylissPRO Portofino

BaBylissPRO Rapido

BaBylissPRO Porcelain 2800

BaBylissPRO Carrera2

BaBylissPRO Ceramic X-treme

BaBylissPRO Italo Luminoso

BaBylissPRO Super Turbo

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino 5510

BabylissPRO Torino 6100 Nano Titanium Dryer

BaBylissPRO Volare V1 Diffuser

BaBylissPRO Volare V2 Diffuser

BaBylissPRO Cryo Care - Cold Brush

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1" Digital Flat Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Flat Iron

BaBylissPRO U-Styler

BaBylissPRO Ultra Sonic

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Flat Iron

BaBylissPRO Ceramic Flat Iron

BabylissPRO FlashFX - FX59

BabyLissPRO EtchFX - FX69

BaBylissPRO® FOILFX01™ Cordless Metal Single

BaBylissPRO® FOILFX02™ Cordless Metal Double

Babyliss RoseFX Trimmer

BaBylissPRO® ROSEFX Clipper

BaBylissPRO® GOLDFX Clipper FX870G

BaBylissPRO Outlining Trimmer FX762

BaBylissPRO Mini-Trimmer / Clipper FX49

BaBylissPRO FX760

BaBylissPRO FX780

BaBylissPRO FX667

BaBylissPRO Lithium FX673

BaBylissPRO J1 FX880 Clipper

BaBylissPRO Steel FX880

BaBylissPRO Volare X2 Clipper

BaBylissPRO FOILFX02™ Cordless Metal Gold Double

BaBylissPRO Metal Lithium Outliner


BaBylissPRO MiraCurl SteamTech

BaBylissPRO ConiCurl Wand

BaBylissPRO Spring Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Marcel Iron

BaBylissPRO 3-in-1 Convertible

BaBylissPRO Crimping Texture Iron

BaBylissPRO 2" Thermal Brush

BaBylissPRO Ionic Roller Setter 5 Piece

BaBylissPRO Ionic Roller Setter 8 Piece

BaBylissPRO Ionic Roller Setter 12 Piece

BaBylissPRO Ionic Roller Setter 20 Piece

BaBylissPRO Ionic Roller Setter 30 Piece

BaBylissPRO Mega Styler Boar/Nylon

BaBylissPRO Mega Styler Boar Bristle

BaBylissPRO Mega Styler Nylon Bristle

BabyLissPRO BARBERology Combs